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Waldron Health Centre (Suite 2) , Amersham Vale , New Cross , London , SE14 6LD
Telephone: 020 3049 3080
Fax: 020 3049 3081


Patients Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities

We aim to provide you with safe and up-to-date medical care, honest and 
realistic advice and a friendly, efficient service.  We ask you, as patients, to
use our services responsibly and respect our staff and premises.

Your rights:

Confidentiality from all members of staff at all times
Telephone calls answered as promptly as possible
Appointment on the same day if you are acutely ill
Repeat prescriptions to be ready in 48 hours (excluding weekend)
Prompt investigation of any complaint made
Treated with courtesy, and professionally by all staff


Your responsibilities:

To treat our staff with courtesy at all times
To cancel appointments as soon as possible if you cannot attend
Not to request a home visit if you are capable of attending the surgery
Promptly advise the practice of any change of address, name or home /mobile telephone number

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